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Are you a Emcee, Beat maker, hustler? Or just some one who has a passion for hip hop music. Have you ever considered the impact your contributions in music might have on other people. Why not have fun with your talent. Introduce yourself to new people and capitalize on your talent at the same time. I’m going to give you a step-by-step method to get your music banging on the streets and put some coins in your pocket at the same time. I’ll assume you already have around twelve or more songs recorded and if not record some songs before moving on. bjak

First Step – Buy some blank CD’s

Hit up Best Buy, Walmart, Target wherever you go to get your blanks. Get back to the lab and burn baby burn. Have a sharpie handy so you can write your name and social media links on the CD. If you don’t have graphics and jewel cases you can always use CD envelopes until you can print out your own covers. If you don’t have a cover yet you can still get started today, but make it a goal to get cover art for your project. trendyworld

Second Step – Prepare your CD’s


There are several different ways to prepare your CD if you don’t have a lightscribe printer to Print directly on your CD you can always use a CD label sticker. One great company is Neato. Just go to order some labels and they will send them to you set up a template and print them out at home or at Fed-Ex office. If you don’t have a lightscribe printer or CD label stickers and you still want to get started making money today, Sharpies do the trick just fine. Write your artist name and album title with your social media links: YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc., treecuttingbranchoutservices and put them puppies in the jewel case and get ready to take the world by storm.


Throw them CD’s in some jewel cases. If you don’t have jewel cases, you can always use CD envelopes or find some slick little way to fold up some paper to make a CD cover case. Nothing much to discuss here. You should know how to put a CD in a case.

Third Step – Hitting the streets

Now that you have your arsenal of music, it’s time to go on the hunt. You are now ready for S.T.A., Surveillance and Target Acquisition. That’s just a fun little way I look at you are scoping for targets it, but don’t think of yourself as a sniper. Hell, don’t think of yourself as a salesperson. You want to have a conversation with people not sell them stuff. The goal is to introduce yourself to people. Do this right and the money will come. So after you scope out your first target, here’s what you do.


Introduce yourself to this person of interest with a friendly greeting. Then give them your name. My name is Bla Bla and I am a beat maker or a rap artist. Eye contact is important in any respectable conversation; so is a positive vibe. Be pleasant. You don’t have to put on a cheesy cat grin. But don’t give em the “E-40 practice looking hard mug”. Respect personal space. Keep yourself an arms reach away from your person of interest. Don’t be all up in their faces. That shit is creepy. Never neglect the value of a first impression.


Remember the end game is to acquire a new fan. When you make this person a fan, then they will buy your music. No one is going to buy something they haven’t been made to appreciate. Now is the time to begin the appreciation process. Show them your product. This is my CD. I’ve got how ever many tracks on it and whatever featured artist on it with me. Don’t forget your eye contact and positive vibe. They won’t be looking you in the eye because they will be observing your CD. But you should maintain looking in their eye as a show of respect. Of course you can glance away every once in a while. You don’t have to stare.


After you have introduced yourself to the person of interest and alerted them that you are a recording artist with an available CD, you can let them know you are on the market. If you would like to support me,

I’m selling them for Bla Bla Bla or I’m selling them for Bla Bla Bla. I was hoping I could get your support.

Just that simple. It is not guaranteed that they will buy the CD from you. However, it is guaranteed that if you keep trying, success is imminent. IT’S THE LAW. Law of averages, that is. Trust me. I’ve been doing this for a minute. I ain’t missed a meal yet. I’m not guaranteeing you that following these steps will get you rich. But I do guarantee that following these steps will get you eating. It takes time to build up an internet buzz. It takes time to fund big projects. But if you are hungry enough, this is something you can do today. You can get a few bucks right now. For more info please visit these sites:- 


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