How to Draw Cartoons

Part 4 – Selling your cartoons

OK so let’s say you’ve learned the basics of drawing cartoons. You’ve got some practice under your belt. You know you can definitely improve your skills considerably at this point and you should continue down that path. But like most artists, kaufen sie k2 online you will probably pay little to no attention to actually monetizing your skills. Achieving commercial success as an artist will take at least as much hard work as it took to get good at your art in the first place.

AdSense is probably the easiest way to monetize a blog or website that gets steady traffic. Of course it takes some skill to put together a decent website but you could pay someone to create one for you or go the way of most bloggers. Get a free account on Blogger or comparable services. It’s easy enough to create an account and get started. Best part is you pay nothing for design or hosting. Note that it takes significant traffic to make any real money from this approach but you have to start somewhere.

Greeting cards are big business. Hallmark and many smaller publishers will accept original designs from new artists, especially during competitions such as HallmarkContests. anime4up If you are good at creative writing or can team up with someone who is, many design submissions pay out at around $150 per design. Stick to perennial favorite themes such as relationships, success, religion, money, health and so on.

Posting your art to image repositories such as StockArt is also good residual income for many artists. This can add up once you have enough images in your collection. It’s also a great way to create exposure for your work which in the long run is probably the most important thing you do for your career.

Newspapers are an obvious outlet for cartoonists but it’s amazing how few cartoonists approach their local paper about an opportunity. Newspapers are always looking for talented artists. If your work is good and you can land a syndication deal, this could be extremely lucrative. jiliko So much so that many cartoonists work for free for newspapers just to get the proverbial foot in the door.

Cartoon advertising is probably the most difficult but most financially rewarding of these ideas if you can make it work for you. Create custom ads for clients based on your animated cartoons. The work is not only challenging and lucrative but also a great stepping stone for learning how to create longer cartoon animations. Of course the market for these is only growing with time.


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