Keep Hiring Simple Like Google

If you are in charge of hiring at your company, you might be tempted to make it an in depth process that leaves no stone unturned in an effort to find the optimal candidates. A better approach is to follow Google’s example by keeping it simple. techsifts

The tech giant has eliminated complex problem solving questions that candidates hate. It also bucked convention by reducing the emphasis on grade point average. Google’s mantra is to Techjunkien adhere to its consistently high expectations for candidates. Their logic is that by never letting hiring standards slips, they’ll continue to bring in a flow of talented and intelligent workers who challenge the current workforce to stay on their heels.

It is tempting to fill a role with a slightly inferior candidate just to eliminate one of the company’s glaring needs. Yet when you lower the bar for a temporary solution, you’ll be diluting your organization’s talent pool. In the long run a hastily made decision like this will backfire. By never lowering your hiring bar, you’ll maintain an overachieving workforce that consistently delivers a top notch performance.

As soon as you lower the standard out of nepotism or when pressed for time,


you’ll start a domino effect. This is especially true if you are hiring someone for human resources. A below average candidate who doesn’t meet your typically high standards will likely higher someone who is a tad less talented and hard working than themselves. That person in turn will do the same until your organization is full of average employees.

Take a page out of Google’s playbook and take the hiring control out of mangers’ hands. Instead, when it comes down to the final decision, utilize an entire committee. This provides a system of checks and balances that won’t allow one person to flex his power and hire someone who doesn’t meet the company’s lofty standards. Although it is hard to believe, word is that Google’s CEO, Larry Page, personally reviews each offer that is extended to a potential employee.

It is clear that the most successful company on the planet doesn’t take hiring lightly. This software empowers human resources personnel to sift through a seemingly never ending pool of prospect data. It filters resumes, applications and other information to identify candidates that will best fit your open position.


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