Nightly News & The Law Of Attraction

Are you being served by the nightly news? The secret about the law of attraction is that you bring into your life that which you put your attention on. There isn’t much spirituality information on the nightly news. What does appear is a continuous monologue of fear-based words.

This fear-based information fills the network television news, the local television news, radio news, the newspapers and is now even part of the Public Broadcasting System of news reporting, both television and radio. These are the words that we receive daily.

Words are the second level of creation and therefore very powerful, UFA88MM but words are also the least reliable purveyor of the truth. Does this statement start to make more sense?

Every word that we hear or say has a profound influence on what we create individually and what we create collectively as a society. For more detail please visit these sites:-

If you listen to the nightly news, and if you listen to the news on the radio, and if you read the newspaper faithfully every day, you are subjecting yourself to a calculated message designed to keep you in a state of fear your whole life. Not only are you causing yourself to listen to a non-stop message of fear but you are also a conduit of that fear by relaying to others the words that were told to you via the news and you accepted as your own.

You didn’t analyze the words or compare them to your own experience. You just blindly accept the words of the authoritative commentator with the finely coiffed hair. That is what society has conditioned you to do. You can do this automatically because you have perfected the fine art of living your life unconsciously. You are sleepwalking through life and accepting the words of others as your own.

Don’t judge yourself harshly about this. This is neither right nor wrong. It is merely what is so. Or it isn’t. Only you know for sure whether this is your truth. We aren’t here to question what you do or don’t do. We are here to ask the question, “Does this serve me?”

I am going to take a leap of faith and say that you are reading this article in order to improve your life by reaching clarity on what serves you and what doesn’t serve you.

You can only do that by going within yourself for the answers to what serves you best, given your own definition of “who you are” and “who you choose to be.” Nobody is deciding that for you except you.

If you are consciously making the decision that the fear-based paradigm of separation does not serve you, and you would like to have the experience of living your life within the love-based paradigm of oneness, then you must start making choices that will allow you to think that way. You would benefit from any action that would eliminate the distractions of fear-based thinking.

You are forever living in the eternal moment of now. Right now you are subjecting yourself to ideas that have the power to transform your life from one of quiet desperation to one of active manifestation.

At six o’clock tonight you will also be living in the eternal moment of now. Instead of reading this article, which contains thoughts of love and oneness, you may choose to subject yourself to the words of the nightly newscaster, who will fill you thoughts with fear and separation. You have a choice.

You have been told throughout your life, and you may believe that it is important, to keep abreast of world events. As a former news junkie, I thought those thoughts throughout most of my life. Of course, I was sleepwalking then.

I prided myself on knowing what was going on in the national and international arenas and I could debate my beliefs from a position of knowledge that I gained from absorbing news in all forms. I put a lot of attention on the news of fear and I really knew the news. But I didn’t know myself very well. I knew lots of stuff exterior to myself but I wasn’t that well versed on what was deep inside of me.

I considered myself an intellectual in the ways of the exterior world and kept struggling to find answers to why I wasn’t more successful or just plain happy. I accepted the words of others as my own truth and kept trying to reconcile why my life did not reflect my innermost desires. I didn’t use the tool of my nonphysical sense of feelings, nor did I ask myself the essential question of “Does this serve me?”


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