Affiliate Marketing Tips – Website Content, Keep It Simple

So now you want to build an affiliate marketing website. You run out and pay a website builder to build you a site with a zillion bells and whistles, autoperformancepartsdirect pop ups, flash and whatever else you can think of. Right?… Wrong!

The most important thing in designing your affiliate marketing web site is to keep things really simple.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, the following design tips will help you a long way


  1. Get an HTML editor and build the dang thing yourself. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use a WYSIWYG to put up a simple, gambleonlineblog effective webpage. It will take you an hour or so of playing with it to get the hang of using HTML editors but it is a lot of fun and gives you total control of your site.
  1. Make sure that your most urgent message, the essential point you are trying to make with your site, appears above the fold of your web page. Above the fold means that section of your webpage that visitors see when they first arrive without using the scroll button
  1. Have a simple page layout. Your average visitor will be visiting many websites in this sitting. If your website is too complicated and not easy to gain information from quickly, the average visitor will move on to the next site
  1. Limit the amount of graphics or flash you use on your site. The world is increasingly impatient. No-one wants to wait 2 minutes while your webpage loads. If your pages do not load within 5 seconds, most of your visitors will have moved on. Yes, for more details visit sites: graphics are pretty but they could cost you visitors
  1. Put your sites navigation where it is easy to find. Traditionally, the navigation bar is placed at the top or down the left side of the page. Most internet users are accustomed to this and will automatically look in these areas. If you feel the need to put your site’s navigation elsewhere, better make sure it is obvious to your visitors.

Remember, once you have put up your website, you must renew your content on a regular basis. The most important content of your site is the words you put in it. It is the words that keeps the visitors coming back.

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